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Hello & welcome!

I have been a portrait photographer for the past 8 years and have recently moved from Ann Arbor, MI to Portland, OR. I photograph high school seniors and weddings in both locations. I love to travel and frequently hike, kayak and climb in national and state parks.

Over the past 8 years, I've photographed 300+ seniors and 30+ weddings and enjoy connecting with my clients and making each session unique and fun!

As far back as I can remember, I've always loved taking pictures. In elementary school, I used disposable cameras on trips to the zoo, got a point-and-shoot for Christmas a few years later, and purchased my first Nikon DSLR when I turned 16. I started by taking thousands of photos of flowers and my dog (everyone starts somewhere), progressed to photoshoots with friends, and now here I am!

During your session, I will make sure that you are comfortable and having fun. I'm not afraid to let you know if you have hair in your face or if your smile needs relaxing, so don't worry about awkward pictures! Throughout our time together I'll also be showing previews on the back of my camera. Most sessions take place in the evening and I am always chasing the sunset for the best light.

Thank you for visiting, I hope to talk to you soon!


Awards and Publications

2nd Place in the Styled Portrait/Fashion Category, Shoot & Share Contest (2018)

State Champion of SkillsUSA for Photography (April 2015)

Published in Bella Grace Magazine (December 2016)

Featured on Lookslikefilm.com (February, March 2017)

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